Felipe Queriquelli

I was born in the countryside, live in the sea and like of life as it is, ups and downs, shadows and lights.

In fact I can not tell you at what time the photography hooked me. Always I glimpsed the world much through images. A painting, the architecture of the buildings, monuments, statues, drawings and films have always been like letters in a notebook for me, a book perhaps. It was a quick contact and understanding happened almost by osmosis.

Later, I graduated the course of Cinematography at the School of Metroscreen Cinema in Sydney - Australia. It was great, but above all, try to observe life more every day, understand more the movements of the stars, the sun, the moon. Understanding the times and the lights, the attitude of the people and how to move them. Understanding the volumes of things and their edges. Anyway, the picture took me to care more of life or the life gave me this photograph. Who knows to be both?